Messi vs Ronaldo – The Alpha Male Edition

For centuries, many have tried to avoid debates on religion and politics because of the highly polarizing nature of the topics. In recent times the Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) debate has joined the ranks of arguments with no end. Both players have amassed armies of loyal supporters who can boast varying reasons why their chosen player is the best the world has ever seen in the sport.

Athletes at this level are often measured by what they produce on the field. Goals, assists, distance covered and trophies won are all yardsticks used by the media, analysts and fans to produce a case of who is the best man. But what about those intangible factors that we use to measure others on a daily basis. While both players stand tall as alpha males on the pitch for very obvious reasons; which of these stars embodies what it is to be an alpha male off the pitch? Who is the ultimate man?

Men who are considered to be at the very top of the food chain have unmistakable characteristics that distinguish them from lesser men. Some of the leading traits alpha males display are: confidence, dominance (without being aggressive), a natural ability to lead, mental fortitude and an insatiable purpose or drive. It therefore stands to reason that these traits are the primary factors behind their successes in their careers and of course with the opposite sex. These characteristics often manifest themselves in body language and speech. Confidence for example is displayed by a man who stands and sits tall, projects his voice, engages his audience with strong eye contact, is comfortable in his environment and has a magnetic charismatic appeal.

Messi and Ronaldo are rarely ever in the same room, except for a room that hosts the FIFA Ballon d’Or. These rare occasions give us a great idea of which player is truly dominant, especially when they have to interact with each other. Pieces of footage and images where both players are in the same room were analyzed to identify which of these two alpha men are most dominant.

The first clip shows Ronaldo and Messi in a press conference. Both players look relaxed. Both are sitting in a characteristically dominant way, where they take up as much space as possible. So far its a tie. However, once the questions start coming Messi begins to display signs of discomfort. He begins to fidget and engage in a bout of facial touching, which is a tell tale sign of discomfort, shyness or a lack of confidence. He also displays facial expressions that suggest annoyance or even disgust. By contrast Ronaldo sits upright without fidgeting as much. He also has a calm expression on the face suggesting comfort in his surroundings. Interestingly he also engages the the interviewer by giving him eye contact, something Messi fails to do convincingly.

The second clip shows Messi, Ronaldo and Arjen Robben receiving awards and speaking to the audience. Now lets put some early disclaimers in. In the animal kingdom, Alpha Males are often the largest in their group. In the human world however, while size is a plus, dominance is not primarily dependent on this factor. Ronaldo and Robben are taller than Messi but take a look at how they present themselves.

As the smoke clears and the players emerge, the signs of who is most dominant begin to play out immediately. Robben and Ronaldo stand in typical alpha posture: Head up, shoulders relaxed, chests slightly out, arms slightly out and legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Messi can be seen with his head down, and with his hands in his pockets – a big faux pas in the art of male dominance.

As the video progresses we see Messi continuing to shift his weight from one foot to the next. Then we see what seems to be his trade mark symbol of his discomfort, the ear touch. The signs become even more apparent when each player is asked a question. Ronaldo again displays his dominant qualities by fidgeting far less, and engaging his audience by smiling widely and joking. Robben also displays strong confident qualities by connecting with the audience using his eyes and by cracking a joke. Messi on the other hand, continues to shift his body weight even more noticeably and he rushes through his answer without taking time to engage his audience.


The image above shows both players seated during the award show. Again, both players seem relaxed but there are some typical displays of dominance taking place. While both players are maximizing the space they occupy, Ronaldo goes a step further by invading Messi’s personal space. The hand on the leg is not just friendly but it almost says…”I own you”. It can also be viewed as a protective gesture as well, in a sort of “dont worry Lionel, I’ll deal with it” kind of way.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, and partners, at the 2013 Ballon D'Or award.

This image shows each player with members of the opposite sex. Now, it is difficult to say what exactly is happening at the moment the picture is taken, but what do you see immediately? Ronaldo again asserts his dominance on the female by invading her space. In turn, her body language suggests she has Ronaldo’s undivided attention. He engages her with his eyes and seems very comfortable in the moment.

Messi again sits in typical alpha style but seems very uninterested in the female. He looks slightly unnerved about sitting near his fiercest rival and seems to be thinking about something else.


In the image above, both players look slightly uncomfortable sitting beside each other. This may be because of the photographers or that they are aware of their rivalry. However Ronaldo still looks more naturally confident. His head is tilted up and he tries to engage the photographers with eye contact. Messi has his head tilted down just a tad and his eyes are focused away and down from the cameras.


After looking at boat loads of images and footage of both players over many years, Ronaldo seems to be the most aware of his body language and what it conveys. Messi is known to be a little more shy and reserved but he has improved significantly over the years. Ronaldo’s body language at time comes across as arrogant and abrasive but he too has matured and learned to control and tailor his image to suit various occasions.

It is clear that Ronaldo has an inner drive to become not just the greatest on the field but also a strong brand off the pitch. He has been coached to be aware of his body language and to refine his stratospheric confidence. He takes great care in ensuring that he is viewed in the best possible way at all times. Messi is superb on the field but seems to not care much about becoming the great global brand. However, being the greatest on the field does carry a certain amount of weight and Messi is now growing more and more into his off pitch persona.


For me Ronaldo is leading the alpha male contest off the pitch. He is poised, charismatic and has a magnetic appeal that can turn heads. Both men however are still young and I am glad to see Messi’s growth in this area and I can only see him improving. Who do you think is the alpha male?

10 BPL Players who owe us a refund.

There is a reason why the Barclays Premier League is the most exciting top-flight league in the world. Its fast, its full of drama on and off the pitch and they boast the most expensive line-up of players that can be found anywhere on the planet.

However, there are some players who are simply not living up to the hype. Frankly, they owe us a bit more than we are getting right now. Here are the 10 players who need to give their clubs a refund after 25 games in the 2014/15 season.



2014/2015 League Stats – 13 appearances, 1 goal, 0 assists, goals per game: 0.08

After losing the mercurial Luis Suarez in the summer transfer window, Liverpool needed to act fast to replace him. The best answer they could come up with was “Super” Mario. This has proven so far to be the wrong answer in every way. The only thing they replaced was the “mercurialness”. He lacks the pace to keep up with the attack, he seems to only get in the way of his fellow forwards and he just does not look like a happy camper. Brendan Rodgers has finally had the blinkers torn away and has relegated the striker to the position of not-so-super sub. Liverpool fans will be glad to see the back of this guy.



2014/2015 League Stats – 16 appearances, 4 goals, 4 assists, goals per game: 0.25

United fans were going crazy when the news broke on transfer deadline day that “El Tigre” was on his way to Old Trafford. So far, the tiger looks more like a newborn kitten. While he has had his injury problems and is getting used to life in the premier league, he has looked far from comfortable. He has missed a series of easy scoring chances, is easily dislodged from the ball and seems a bit timid when being challenged. Currently costing the Red Devils £250,000 per week on his loan deal; the only positive right now is that he can be sent back from whence he came and be written off as an expensive mistake.



2014/2015 League Stats – 21 appearances, 1 goal, 1 assist, goals per match: 0.05

Many Arsenal fans would not complain about the work rate of the aptly named “Ox”. However, more was expected of this highly talented speedster. One would suspect that he would’ve made more of the absence of Theo Walcott to stake his claim in the squad. Walcott, after a long injury layoff, has already knocked in two goals in the league. Right now the Ox may need to swap his boots for a pair of spikes as track and field seems more his game.



2014/2015 League Stats – 9 appearances, 1 goal, 1 assist, goals per match: 0.11

Not only is he a disappointment to Arsenal but also for England who has really been pining for a new young leader in their midfield. Known for smoking more off the pitch than on it, this player is certainly showing that he cannot make the grade. His last notable contribution for the Gunners was a foolish claim that he had been spit on by Marouane Fellaini during their losing clash against Manchester United in November. I’d suggest that Arsene Wenger give this lad a pack of Benson and Hedges and send him on his way.

Ross Barkley


2014/2015 League Stats – 17 appearances, 1 goal, 1 assist, goals per game: 0.06

After the 2013/14 season, Ross Barkley was the pick of the litter. His whirlwind season prompted interest from top European Clubs, among them Manchester United and Real Madrid. This season was expected to be a breakout season for the youngster, but so far he has failed to really stamp his name on things at Goodison Park. Then again, Everton as a unit seems a little off the boil after last season’s lofty exploits.



2014/2015 League Stats – 17 appearances, 3 goals, 7 assists, 108 crosses, goals per game: 0.18

The reigning Argentine Footballer of The Year and Champions League final Man of the Match came into Old Trafford as the most expensive player in British football history. With him came high expectations of thrilling creativity and goals from the maestro who wears the legendary number 7. His start in England has been a mixed bag. Coming off injured after 70 mins in his debut at Burnley, scoring in his home debut then falling injured soon after and now suffering a dip in form. His play seems inexplicable at times, either holding the ball for extraordinary lengths with no end result or sending in a barrage of crosses and shots that have no aim. Some may blame the tactics of LVG – who has played him outside his favoured role on the left, but he sometimes has the 1000 yard stare of a man on another planet. Looks like when they broke into his home recently the only thing stolen was his mojo.



2014/2015 League Stats – 17 appearances, 4 goals, 2 assists, goals per game: 0.21

The most disappointed people on earth on summer transfer deadline day were the fans piled up at the Emirates as news broke that their beloved Gunners had sprung for Danny Welbeck. The former Red Devil had failed to live up to expectations at Old Trafford and was summarily shipped off to London with barely a shrug from United fans. Welbeck started the season lively, almost making United fans rue the transfer. Recently, he has failed to inspire and has helped to solidify Olivier Giroud’s status as the go-to-guy in the striking role. United fans say: “Par for the Course”. Gunner fans say: “Sigh!”



2014/2015 League Stats – 14 appearances, 1 own goals, 8 blocks

The French defender came in to the City lineup amidst a flurry of high praise. He was expected to stand beside Vincent Kompany and form an impregnable wall that City would use to keep out all attacking threats while their vaunted attack made mince meat of opposing defenses. Well, that didn’t work out as planned. Mangala has been shaky and uncertain in his positional play and has been a step behind on many occasions. As a newcomer to the league, he will have to adapt quickly to the pace if he is to avoid the scrap heap.



2014/2015 League Stats – 23 appearances, 10 goals, 2 assists, goals per game: 0.43

The Dutchman is United’s top scorer after 25 league games. Sounds good right? Not surprising right? But when you consider that United’s top scorer has only 10 goals; the picture seems a little more grim. RVP netted 26 goals in his first season with the Devils, winning his 1st league title in the process. Things have gone downhill from there. The grey hairs that the prolific striker now sport seem to be a clear manifestation that he has seen better days. He his a step too slow, his positioning is off and the lack of service often sees him cutting a lonely figure up front. His frustration has brought out a mean streak which sees him getting into more frequent altercations. Unless RVP starts piling on the goals… He will be out the Old Trafford door. I guarantee it.



2014/2015 League Stats – 18 appearances, 1 goal, 1 assist, goals per game: 0.06

Premier League life has been unfair to the lad. Brought to Old Trafford by Sir Alex Ferguson and hailed as the next of United’s great wingers; he quickly fell down the pecking order. With barely a chance to prove himself under David Moyes and ruled as surplus to requirements by Louis Van Gaal, it has been frustrating. Zaha is now back “home” at Palace and hopefully he will settle and find the form that had the big clubs salivating.

Jamaican Football Sheg Up – Part 2

The overseas scouts who came to watch the young Reggae Boyz at the recently concluded CONCACAF U20 Qualifiers were left bitterly disappointed at the lack of tactical discipline and overall football talent displayed by our youngsters. Simply put, they stunk up the joint! Thank the lord that there were better players from other countries or the scouts would’ve wasted a trip.


When asked for their comments, the utterances of the visiting scouts were as follows:

“What I see now is not good enough”

“Some have talent, but they would still need to do more to be successful in Europe … Jamaica needs to improve. Technically, they need to get higher. It’s not what I expected.”

“Their ball handling speed needs to go up and also their decision-making needs to be better”

“I came here thinking I’d like Jamaican players, but I don’t see a lot of the qualities I typically see in the Jamaican players in the United States.”

“I’m shocked this is the best Jamaica can do. They are not ready for the pros.”

“I think Aruba is more technically and tactically organized. I am disappointed in Jamaica.”

This sounds like a shocking indictment of the performance of Jamaica, but for those of us accustomed to the world that is Jamaican football, this is the norm. The verdict: Jamaica is not ready to compete at the highest level anywhere. In Jamaican parlance: YUH NUH GOOD…YUH A RUX!


JamvsPanamaM20120527RMWhen one watches local football, the lack of tactical awareness and organization is evident. Yes, the players are sent out using varying formations, but by the time the whistle blows, all that goes through the window. The players do not know where they should be positioned in relation to their teammates at certain times in a game, there is no definite shape of attack or defense and there is no adjustment when situations change in the game. The result is a game that is wrought with indiscipline and difficult to watch. Who is accountable for the madness?

The blame for this must be placed squarely at the feet of those managing the players. But how can we blame the managers if they are not taught the fundamentals themselves? Is there a body responsible for ensuring that those calling themselves coaches have the requisite qualifications? Is a coach elected based on the fact that he has played the game or is it because he is the “most knowledgeable” on football. Is it just “links”?

After years of abject failure with local coaches and foreign coaches who just come for a little sun, we should really think of investing in the development of our local coaches. We should implement a rigorous system of certification, similar to the UEFA Licensing system. Coaches will therefore have to matriculate through various levels based on their experience and certification achieved. One would start from a basic level and progressively increase in difficulty and intensity until the highest level is achieved, thereby eliminating those not suitable to manage in the utmost professional realm. The process would obviously require discipline and focused attention to critical details – a trait incumbent in any top flight coach.


Speaking of discipline; our players seem to have little to none of this character trait. When you look back at our history in football it is littered with players who could have been great. Allan “Skill” Cole, Walter “Blacka Pearl” Boyd, Onandi Lowe and Marlon King are just a few of our players that could have gone to greater heights in the game but. These players were filled with immense potential but were neither guided nor had the self-discipline and drive needed to propel themselves to the top. If you ask anyone about these gifted players you are sure to here more about their off-field misdeeds than their prowess in the game.

The life of an elite athlete must be structured and scheduled for discipline to take hold and become a habit. Greatness comes not from mere talent alone but it comes from systematic repetition, progression and more repetition. Every time a fully fit athlete misses a training session, decides to shrug at his/her diet or decides to spend a night out instead of recovering; they deal a blow to their careers and lend a hand to those ready to knock them off their perch.

Our Reggae Boyz – Junior and Senior  should not feel discouraged. They should heed the words of the scouts and coaches and dedicate themselves to improving those areas of concern. Failure is not the end. It is simply an opportunity to start again. This should be an opportunity to set new goals, reset the mind, to project a positive self image and to dig deeper into their reservoirs of talent and self belief. My only hope is that when our footballers dedicate themselves to growth and development; our powers in the game do exactly the same and harness the proper skills needed to manage elite talent.


Jamaican Football Sheg Up – Part 1

Yet again, Jamaica’s footballers have been unceremoniously cast out of another World Cup qualifying tournament. This time it was the turn of our U-20 Boyz to face the guillotine. It was horrendous and hard to watch (not that many turned out to watch anyway). As they were lead quietly away by their leader, World Cup hero, Theodore “the tactical nightmare” Whitmore, it begged the question; What is really wrong with Jamaican Football?

I came up with a few things that are too difficult to place one post. So, this will be the first of a trilogy on what seems to be causing us to fail so spectacularly after the heights achieved in 1998. For me, there are a few big reasons; lack of infrastructure, Poor coaching and discipline then finally poor and corrupt administration. I will look at the first reason now.

Let’s look at some facts. As at January 2015, Jamaica is currently ranked 75th in the FIFA table. That’s a far way from the dizzying heights of 27th in August 1998, but much better than our lowest ever ranking, 116th in October 2008. In the CONCACAF region, Jamaica is ranked 9th, behind the likes of Trinidad, Honduras, Guatemala and Haiti. The worrying part about the CONCACAF region is that Teams like Costa Rica and Panama (who are ranked 1st and 4th respectively) are getting better and are creating a gap that even Cliff Twang “canna cross”. The outlook seems dim at this point and no amount of imports – coaching or otherwise seems able to solve the problem.



Another one bites the dust. Photo Credit – Jamaica Observer.

Jamaica lacks the footballing infrastructure needed to compete at the highest levels. The fields are atrocious, the stadia (if you can call some of the weed stricken patches of dirt that) are abysmal and there are no academies for players, coaches or referees to learn the fundamentals of the game or where the game is trending. In Jamaica there is just raw talent and hope. We know that Jamaicans are talented athletes and I think we are superior to most in the world from an early age. However, a raw sugar cane plant does not sweeten your tea my friends…it is a well honed, refined product that does it. In order to be the best, we must be exposed to the best.

Where pitches are concerned, Jamaica is well behind. Our schoolboys and local pros play on fields that aren’t even fit to host a sports day. Pitches vary from dust bowl, to rock city, to grassy-in-spots to just plain okay. Even Haiti, one of the most impoverished countries in the world, boasts two, 1-star rated FIFA certified artificial pitches. Our National Stadium field needs work. The pitch is hard and dry, the grass is not low enough and some spots don’t seem to have enough grass at times. The ball bounces unusually high or doesn’t roll true and as such the quality of play suffers. The local players, who are used to worst fields cannot adjust their reflexes to play on what is considered to be a decent pitch. Bringing in imports who know only the billiard table style pitches of Europe does us no good either because they must do the reverse; adjust themselves to play on a poor pitch.


After a poor Euro 2000 showing, the German DFB went on a massive overhaul of their youth system. The aim was to develop the technical prowess of home-grown youth. The strategy included forming academies in the two top-divisions of Germany. A little over a decade on, Germany has reaped rewards winning the World Cup with the very same players who started in the system.

Now, lets get real, the JFF doesn’t have the financial power of the DFB. But it is my belief that even one decent academy, charged with the mandate of selecting talented youngsters and grooming them to become elite players would improve our football significantly. The academy should be equipped with world class training pitches and the best possible facilities to foster growth. It doesn’t stop there; the academy should also groom coaches to operate at world class levels. Not only will coaches be trained on the fundamentals of the game and earn various coaching badges but they will also focus on softer areas such as nutrition, man-management, and how to deal with media. Dear readers, leaders are made not born. Our national academy should also focus on producing international quality referees. Again, it is not just about the technical areas of the game but also managing softer areas such as the importance of referee fitness and how referees should prepare proper match reports after each game.

In May 2014, local football stalwart, Winston Chung-Fah made one small step towards this vision by being granted a lease for land to build a 30 acre academy with the assistance of an unidentified European club. While this is a great move, the question is, how much will this benefit national football as a whole vs the profile of Mr. Chung-Fah. Will the JFF have any power to oversee what this academy does? Will Chung-Fah then become the de facto godfather of Jamaican football? Hopefully the venture will become fruitful and well supported in a transparent way that benefits the nation.

Once you have had a taste of flying first class, you will never want to fly any other way. I’m sure the noble “Captain” is well versed in this area. In part two, we will take a look at the issue of poor coaching and discipline.


Capital One Cup: Chelsea vs Liverpool – Key match-ups

The Capital One Cup second-leg semifinal leg between Chelsea and Liverpool is set to kick off this afternoon at Stamford Bridge. It is a winner takes all affair which promises to be even hotter than the first-leg clash a week ago. Chelsea hold a slim advantage on the away goals rule. However, Liverpool can overturn the deficit with a goal of their own. It is finely poised my friends and promises to be a cracker.

Liverpool will be looking to inflict further injury on a Chelsea team smarting from an embarrassing defeat to 3rd tier Bradford City in the FA Cup. A win will send Liverpool to the cup final and God knows they need silverware to lift the spirits at Anfield. Things are beginning to look a little better but not quite 100% with Brendan Rodgers’ outfit. One never knows what to expect with the Reds but one thing  is consistent; Mario Balotelli remains persona non grata. Rodgers recently spoke on the mercurial striker saying , “I’ve seen some bits this morning suggesting that’s him done here. That’s not the case at all. I’ve shown in my time here that if players who have been out the fold for various reasons work hard every day in training and show intensity and focus then they have every chance of getting back in the side and staying there.”

Chelsea are the wounded tiger coming into this match-up. Jose Mourinho has asked his team not to dwell on the loss to Bradford. However, I’m sure he will be telling them not to lose to the likes of Liverpool tonight as it keeps hopes of a Chelsea treble alive. Chelsea will definitely be coming out blazing, but will not be sure which Liverpool will be facing them till the whistle sounds.


Mourinho vs Rodgers : The Chelsea boss will be up against his former protege. Tactics will have to be spot on as Rodgers has already proved that he can go toe-to-toe with the master.

Markovic vs Ivanovic: The battle of the Serbians was hot in the first leg. Markovic caused Ivanovic much concern and will certainly do so again. Markovic is not afraid to terrorize with his bombing runs. Ivanovic will have to be on his game.

Coutinho/Sterling vs Terry/Cahill: Liverpool will be looking to get their two speedsters on the ball as much as possible to tangle the minds and legs of the Chelsea twin towers. However, Terry and Cahill will be aware of the problems these two caused in the 1st leg and will be out to neutralize.


Terry vs Sterling. Image:

Prediction: Chelsea to win 2-1

Ding Dong The Giants Are Dead!

After a tepid Manchester United draw away at League Two outfit, Cambridge United; I really had nothing to look forward to this weekend as far as football was concerned. Boy, was I wrong! Giant killing was the order of the day in the FA Cup. Now if you thought it would’ve been the odd surprise with mid – bottom Premiership sides getting shuffled out of the cup by Championship top-dogs with the odd goal, you also would’ve been dead wrong. This was David vs Goliath slaying on the grandest scale. Manchester United getting a replay at Old Trafford seems to be a gift. Lets watch some highlights of a shocking day in the cup.






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Silly Season Decoded


Falcao signs on loan to Manchester United

The transfer window, whether it is the Summer or January window is known as the silly season in football. A football novice may ask why? Well simply put, everyone goes absolutely bonkers; Fans, Managers, Players (and their families), agents and let’s not forget the media. Its multiple months of speculation about who is going where for how much.

Fans rabidly clamor for all the latest news – mostly conjecture and absolute lies made up by the media to sell whatever it is they sell. This crazed demand for news has lead to a proliferation of blogs, websites, social media pages, TV, radio and print media dedicated only to transfer information. These media  sources conjure up many “juicy stories and leads” on an hourly basis, sending fans on an emotional roller coaster ride. In the end, most fans are left high and dry. However, once the news train rolls into the station again, its All Aboard! When you think about it, transfers and porn go hand in hand.

Maybe if we knew what actually went into making a transfer happen, it would temper some of the emotions. I myself have gotten into fits of rage over transfers often saying “Just buy him! We have the money!” Alas, it’s not that simple my friends. So, lets look at the basic steps required to bring that game changer to your club.


Clubs will employ scouting networks to search the globe for the best available talent. In some cases, the scouting process can take a few months up to years. The process is tedious and ongoing. In the end clubs would have gathered a database of players for various positions, outlining the strengths and weaknesses of each. Once the player becomes available, the race is on because as you might have guessed, your club isn’t the only one watching.


Once a club decides on a target, they must approach the selling club and the player. This can prove to be the trickiest part of the process and will require some deft skills on the part of the buying club and the agents. In some cases the buying club needs permission to speak to the player or his agent. In these cases “middle men” are used to seek information on how likely it is for the transfer to take place and at what fee. Buying clubs, especially the big ones will want to avoid the embarrassment of a “tapping up” scandal.


With all information acquired and tapping up scandals avoided, the buying club goes to work negotiating with the player, agent and selling club. As you might have guessed, this can be the most agonizing part of the whole deal..ask Gareth Bale. The buying club must agree a fee with the selling club, personal terms with the player and his agent’s fees. It can get more complicated when the matter of buyouts, bonuses and image rights comes in…and ugh…the sleazy agent’s ego fees. The good news is that a transfer rarely ever falls through at this point.


By this time in most high profile transfers, the media would have been providing minute by minute commentaries on an impending move. The fans will be either chuffed to pieces (Falcao to United) or deflated as hell (Welbeck to Arsenal). Either way, everyone is just waiting too see the superstar in their team’s colors. But wait, there’s more! The medical has to be done. This is the most nerve-wracking part for players, fans and clubs. It requires a no-holds-barred, grueling check on the player’s health…and the club or player may have nary a clue of what the findings will be. This process can take more than a day and a seemingly great deal can be scuppered with one check mark on a clipboard (Remy – Liverpool)


After the player is deemed fit, the player then signs to the club. However the deal is not done until all documents are filed with the requisite associations and the transfer registered. One can imagine that this can also be a time consuming process with English clubs still using fax machines to send documents in. From here, its party time for the fans. Let the social media fun begin!

Hopefully, this helped to shed some light on transfers. Click here to see ESPN’s infographic for more information.